Pvc Belt Conveyor | Modular Pvc Belt Conveyor System


Modular Pvc Belt Conveyor : Feature

High-Quality PVC Belt: Our conveyor features a durable PVC belt known for its resilience and reliability. The material ensures smooth and efficient transportation of goods, making it suitable for various applications.

Sturdy Construction: The PVC Belt Conveyor has a robust framework, providing stability and durability during continuous operation. This ensures a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.

Adjustable Height and Incline: Customize the conveyor to your requirements with adjustable height and incline features. Adapt the system to various production setups, enhancing flexibility in material handling.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for user convenience, our PVC Belt Conveyor allows for easy installation and minimal maintenance. Quick access points and straightforward components facilitate hassle-free operation.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution, or logistics, our PVC Belt Conveyor accommodates a wide variety of materials, making it a versatile solution for diverse industries.

Smooth and Quiet Operation: Experience a smooth and quiet conveyor operation. The PVC belt ensures a low-noise environment, creating a more comfortable and efficient workspace.

Our Modular PVC Belt Conveyor System, a pinnacle of efficiency and versatility in material handling. Crafted with precision engineering, this system features a high-quality PVC belt and a modular design for easy adaptability to various production setups. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, and the user-friendly modular system allows for seamless installation and maintenance. From manufacturing to logistics, experience smooth and reliable material handling with our conveyor, providing an efficient and adaptable solution across diverse industries. Upgrade your operations with this advanced conveyor system, designed for optimal workflow integration and continuous productivity.

Specification for standard, high-quality, strong PVC Belt Conveyor

Conveyor Length 1-25m, depending on your project design
Conveyor Width 0.3-3m, for smaller width, we recommend use chain conveyor
Conveyor Height Adjustable. Wheels and brake are available
Frame material Stainless steel/ Carbon steel with coating/ Aluminum
Belt material POM/PP plastic modular belt
Other belts PVC/PU/Mesh belt/ Plastic chain/Stainless chain all available depending on the products that transfer
Motor Italy brand/SEW/China brand
Voltage 380V(415V)/50HZ(60HZ)
Certificate of equipment SGS/FDA
Certificate of original FORM E/F/P/A/L/M
Price terms FOB/CIF
Business type Manufacturer