Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor | PVC Belt Conveyor


Heavy-Duty Belt Conveyor Feature

  • Bed:  6-5/8″ deep x 12 gauge formed steel powder coat painted frame
  • Belt Widths:  24″,  30″,  36″,  42″,  48″  &  52″
  • Bed Widths:  30″,  36″,  42″,  48″,  54″  &  58″
  • Conveyor Belt:  Black 140 interwoven polyester, nitrile impregnated brushed both sides
  • End Drive (standard)
  • Motor:  1 HP, 208/230/460/575/3/60 TEFC  (up to 2 HP maximum optional)
  • Conveying Speed:  65 Feet/Minute (constant)
  • Adjustable Floor Supports Available
  • Capacity:  100 lbs. maximum per linear foot of conveyor
  • Optional Belts Available:  White Polymate, Black Roughtop, Tan Glidetop
  • Reversible (with optional Center Drive)
  • Optional Conveying Speeds Available
  • Optional Variable Speed Drive
  • Optional Ceiling Hanger Supports Available
  • Optional Guard Rails Available

Belt Conveyor Description

In the dynamic landscape of industrial material handling, our Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor emerges as a formidable solution, fortified with industrial-grade strength and a resilient PVC belt. Engineered to excel in heavy-duty applications, this conveyor system is designed to meet the robust demands of diverse industries with unparalleled reliability. At the heart of our Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor lies an industrial powerhouse, meticulously crafted with durability in mind. Constructed from high-quality materials, this conveyor system is built to withstand the rigours of demanding environments, ensuring resilience under continuous and heavy loads. Also, check out our different types of conveyor  explore now!

Durable PVC Belt and Versatile Across Industries:

The sturdy PVC belt integrated into the conveyor system facilitates the reliable transport of materials. Engineered for durability and flexibility, this belt is the unsung hero that effortlessly handles a variety of products, accommodating different shapes and sizes with ease. Its robust construction ensures longevity and consistent performance, even in challenging material handling scenarios. Tailored for heavy-duty applications, the versatility of our Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor extends across industries. From manufacturing and logistics to bulk material handling, its adaptability makes it a reliable choice for various industrial scenarios. This conveyor system is a versatile workhorse that seamlessly integrates into diverse workflows, meeting the unique needs of each industry it serves.

Customizable Precision Smooth, and Efficient Operation:

Recognizing that precision is paramount, the Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor with PVC Belt offers customizable design options. This adaptability allows for precise tailoring to industry-specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in material handling processes. The harmonious synergy of a heavy-duty structure and a PVC belt ensures a smooth and efficient operation. By minimizing downtime, this conveyor system significantly enhances overall productivity. Consistent and reliable performance becomes the hallmark of material handling operations, boosting operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Maintenance:

Our Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor is designed with user convenience in mind and demands minimal maintenance. Quick access points and straightforward components facilitate easy upkeep, ensuring uninterrupted operational continuity. This user-centric approach enhances the overall efficiency of the material handling process, reducing downtime and contributing to a cost-effective solution. Upgrade your material handling capabilities with our Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor with a PVC belt. Experience the unmatched strength, reliability, and precision engineered into every aspect of this industrial-grade conveyor system, making it the go-to solution for heavy-duty material handling demands in the ever-evolving industrial landscape.