Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor | Gravity Roller Conveyor

General Specifications of Roller Conveyor

  • Conveyor Frame:  304 stainless steel with #4 finish on rails and 2B finish on internal components, continuous TIG welded round cross members
  • Frame Lengths Available:  From 36″ to 120″ in 3″ increments
  • Frame Widths Available:  9.18″,  13.18″,  19.18″,  25.18″,  31.18″,  37.18″
  • Roller Widths Available:  8″,  12″,  18″,  24″,  30″,  36″
  • Conveyor Rollers:  1.9″ Diameter  16 gauge spring loaded 304 Stainless Steel hollow tube with 2B finish and precision stainless steel ball bearings in plastic housing with 7/16″ stainless steel hex shaft, set 1″ low in the frame
  • Roller Centers Available:  Choice or  3″ or 6″
  • Roller Capacity:  20 lbs. per roller
  • Optional rollers set high in the frames:  1/16″ above the frame rails
  • Optional welded end stop available
  • Optional stainless steel tube stands with adjustable feet available

Gravity Roller Conveyor : Description 

This  Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor features Gravity Rollers – a dynamic pairing designed to redefine efficiency and reliability. This advanced conveyor system, crafted with high-quality stainless steel, ensures seamless transportation of goods, while the Gravity Rollers add a gravity-assisted element, optimizing workflow for unparalleled performance. The Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor is a testament to durability and precision. Crafted from top-tier stainless steel, this conveyor system boasts corrosion resistance, making it ideal for industries requiring precision and resilience, especially in challenging environments. Integrating Gravity Rollers adds a unique dimension to the system, providing a gravity-assisted approach to material transportation. Also, check out the different types of conveyors and explore now!

The dynamic Gravity Roller System embedded in the conveyor optimizes material handling efficiency. As items move along the conveyor, the Gravity Rollers facilitate smooth and reliable transportation, leveraging the force of gravity. This innovative approach ensures precision in motion and reduces the need for external power sources, contributing to a more energy-efficient and sustainable material handling process. Versatility is a hallmark of the Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor with Gravity Rollers. Tailored for diverse industry needs, from manufacturing to distribution and logistics, this conveyor system seamlessly integrates into various material handling workflows. Its customizable design options further enhance adaptability, allowing it to meet specific requirements unique to each industry

Engineered with precision, the conveyor system is built for longevity, minimizing maintenance requirements and contributing to cost-effectiveness. The robust stainless steel construction ensures continuous and reliable operation, making it suitable for demanding environments, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and corrosive material handling. Upgrade your material handling processes with our Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor featuring Gravity Rollers – a synergy of durability, precision, and gravity-assisted efficiency. This system guarantees a seamless workflow, making it an indispensable solution for industries prioritizing optimal material handling in diverse and challenging environments.